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Lick It



Windows@Walgreens | 6700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

The mediums used in Frances Goodman's work are the materials and labor of the beauty industry. Goodman deftly deploys fake nails, false eyelashes, earrings, pearls, and sequins, among many other items found in the beauty aisle, to create works that are simultaneously seductive and appalling.  The repetitive and meticulous gestures used to create Lick It mimic the repetitive and meticulous labors of nail salons and beauty maintenance regimes. By employing these materials and efforts, Goodman’s work draws attention to popular assumptions that narrow the possibilities of female identity to extremes of consumption, aspiration, obsession, desire, and anxiety. Though Goodman’s work references a society in which objects can define and burden people, it also celebrates the use of these materials as symbols of empowerment.  - Jennie Lamensdorf, Art in Buildings

Lick It was created during Goodman's residency at Fountainhead Residency in Miami.

Presented by ArtCenter/South Florida

Lick It

Lick It

Photo by Silvia Ros

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